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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Speaking out for Andrew Romanoff

This year Democrats are extremely lucky to have a choice of who will be their candidate for U. S. Senate. And they’re extremely lucky to have on the ballot a person of conviction who will stand up for Coloradoans; that person is Andrew Romanoff. Andrew has taken a stand that he will not accept PAC or corporate money in this election. Like many of us, he believes that money corrupts the system.

In contrast, Andrew’s opponent is #6 on a list of legislators that have received the most donations from Wall Street. He is accepting money from Wall Street, oil companies, insurance companies, drug makers, and the like. Though he claims this doesn’t affect his votes, evidence shows otherwise. For example, he voted with the banking industry when he voted no on legislation that would allow homeowners in bankruptcy to renegotiate mortgages with banks – legislation backed by his colleague, Senator Udall. Amazingly, renegotiation is already allowed for second homes, yachts, and other luxury goods.

So, please stand up with and for Andrew Romanoff for U. S. Senate at your caucus March 16 and in the primary this summer.

Michelle Grooms

Fort Collins, CO

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