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Friday, November 27, 2015

Why illegal immigrants are here to stay

Palm Bay, FL–The U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute today announced the result of a year-long study as part of its How To Save Jobs project that shows that America’s 13 million+ illegal immigrants are probably here to stay.

According to the study, conducted by David Gewirtz, director of the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute and author of How To Save Jobs, it would simply cost far too much and be logistically impractical to round up all 13 million people and send them home.

David makes it clear. Illegal immigrants are here illegally. In a perfect world, they would all be rounded up and shipped out. After all, they’re violating the law.

What his analysis shows, however, is that it would cost America billions of dollars simply to transport illegal immigrants back home — and that’s after they were located, apprehended, and processed through the legal system.

In exploring the nature of the problem, David’s analysis puts the illegal immigration problem into perspective:

* There are about 13 million illegal immigrants living in the United States today.

* 13 million people is a lot of people. That’s pretty much the population of the state of Illinois, or the population of New York City and L.A. combined. That’s almost 5% of the population of the United States.

* Assuming you could gather all the illegal immigrants up, it would take 166,666 buses, more than 13 billion gallons of fuel, and about 48 million pounds of food (around 195 million meals) simply to transport them to the nearest border.

There is no doubt that illegal immigration is a big problem in America. However, as David’s analysis shows, “We have to be aware of the practical limitations the problem. With fully 5% of all the people in the country here illegally, perhaps its time we considered an illegal immigration policy that takes into account the realities, and not just the anger.”

David makes the following recommendations:

* Certainly we need better border security to stem the tide of the half million new illegals coming in each year. We also need better border security to prevent terrorism, so this is an investment that can help on multiple levels.

* Racial profiling of the type just enacted in Arizona isn’t the answer. That’ll simply clog up the courts and law enforcement resources. It’ll make the problem worse for everyone.

* It’s probably time to consider how to integrate this 13 million person population into mainstream America. Since we really can’t gather them up and ship them out, perhaps it’s time to turn them into real Americans.

* One benefit to turning illegal immigrants into tax-paying Americans is how profitable it can be for America’s revenue bottom-line. 13 million new taxpayers could net America more than $50 billion a year in annual tax revenues.

David says, “No matter what, this isn’t a problem that’s going to go away on its own. It’s time we started thinking outside the box and implement policies that take into account the realities of the situation and provide long-term solutions.”

David Gewirtz is one of America’s foremost cyber-security experts and a top expert on saving and creating jobs.

He is a recipient of the Sigma Xi Research Award in Engineering and was a candidate for the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in Letters. He is the author of five books including How To Save Jobs and Where Have All The Emails Gone?

David is a CNN contributor, the Cyberterrorism Advisor for the International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals, a columnist for FrontLine Security Magazine and The Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, and has been a guest commentator for the Nieman Watchdog of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University.

He is a member of the FBI’s InfraGard program and the U.S. Naval Institute, and is a member of the instructional faculty at the University of California, Berkeley extension. For more information on David and to read his latest articles, visit

Of special note: Through a grant of rights from ZATZ Publishing to the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute, ZATZ is donating free digital copies of How To Save Jobs to anyone who wants a copy. Printed copies are available for purchase from Amazon and in better bookstores everywhere.

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