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Sunday, March 1, 2015

State News: Consumers Getting Energy Bill Breaks in the Nick of Time

Colorado utilities are working to cut back on energy consumption, and some Colorado consumers are reaping the benefits through lower monthly energy bills. Electric and gas providers, including Xcel Energy and SourceGas, have set goals to help reduce energy demand as required by the state.

Pam Packer, long-term energy solutions director for Energy Outreach Colorado, says her organization has teamed up with Xcel and others to launch a pilot project to reduce energy demand in multifamily low-income housing units.

“They are required to reduce the demand for energy on the consumer side of things, versus building new power plants,” Packer said.

The state and utilities have launched a number of new programs to help meet energy demand reduction goals, creating options to help many Colorado consumers reduce their bills, she says.

“They include rebates to do installations. If you’re low-income, there may be options for you to work with your local weatherization agency and they’ll actually do a lot of work for you.”

EOC’s pilot project makes those reductions through weatherization and efficiency upgrades. The organization reports it has already completed its work for 2009 and has been asked to do more. In addition to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Packer adds that the programs have come at a great time for people struggling to pay bills in the tough economy.

“Through the energy-efficiency installations, their energy bills are going down because they’re using less energy.”

EOC recommends contacting your local utility for information and to see if you qualify for help lowering your bill.

— Colorado News Connection

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