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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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In support of Romanoff

In support of Romanoff

Dear Friends and Neighbors: The other day I was walking door to door for Romanoff when I knocked on the door of a registered voter who told me that she no longer votes. I have always maintained that if one is disgusted by politics one should participate more, not less, since how else will things change. It turned out, however, that the woman was a Jehovah’s Witness, and although I didn’t know it, they don’t vote. Since I have a commitment to democracy and voting, I urged her, in a ... Full Story

Andrew Romanoff Visits Berthoud

Andrew Romanoff Visits Berthoud

By Treva Heiser Area citizens gathered at the home of Bill Wendt  to hear Andrew Romanoff, Democratic candidate for the US Senate, speak on issues related to the environment, developing alternative energy resources, the need to reform the way Washington works and increase the power of the people . . . . . . . . Reasons given by those who attended varied. Dave Kramer from Johnstown, Ray Hupp of Loveland, and teenagers Javan Wendt and Daniel Heiser had not met Romanoff but were interested ... Full Story

To the Editor

My husband and I were constituents of Andrew Romanoff for the last five years we lived in Denver when he was a member of the Colorado House of Representatives. We met and spoke with him on the front porch of our Washington Park home where we had lived since 1970. Not a fancy home, ours, but one that had been built in 1912 and we hadn’t even begun to dream of remodeling. Andrew, nonetheless, asked if we would put a sign for his candidacy in our front yard. What impressed me about Andrew was ... Full Story

No better choice than Andrew Romanoff

There is clearly no better choice than Andrew Romanoff in this year’s U. S. Senate race! I first met Andrew in 2004, shortly before he became Speaker of the State House of Representatives. Since then, I have been consistently impressed with his incisive grasp of complex issues, his ability to discuss them in understandable terms, and his proven commitment to respectful service on behalf of all Coloradans. I also find his sense of humor and his down-to-earth manner refreshing in someone of his ... Full Story

This year’s caucuses are coming up quickly!

Dear Editor: This year’s caucuses are coming up quickly!   I plan on attending mine this year to show my strong support for Andrew Romanoff for U.S. Senate.   After following Andrew’s time as Colorado State House Speaker and hearing him speak to a variety of groups, I feel that he is our best choice for U.S. Senate.  Here are just two reasons why. Andrew has pledged to stand up for our interests – not for special interests – and I believe him. The Coloradoan newspaper said of ... Full Story

Speaking out for Andrew Romanoff

This year Democrats are extremely lucky to have a choice of who will be their candidate for U. S. Senate. And they’re extremely lucky to have on the ballot a person of conviction who will stand up for Coloradoans; that person is Andrew Romanoff. Andrew has taken a stand that he will not accept PAC or corporate money in this election. Like many of us, he believes that money corrupts the system. In contrast, Andrew’s opponent is #6 on a list of legislators that have received the most ... Full Story

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