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Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Our Second Little Christmas Angel

Our Second Little Christmas Angel

By Daris Howard We had been foster parents for several years when the opportunity came for us to have a beautiful 19-month-old foster daughter in our home, whom we were told we could possibly adopt. She went by the nickname of Angel, in the foster-care program, and that was what we called her too. She truly was a little angel. She had a round, cherubic face and light blond hair. She had a big smile and a happy disposition. We loved her from the minute she entered our home. We were ... Full Story

Daris Howard: Life’s Outtakes

My Little Christmas Angel By Daris Howard   My wife, Donna, says I have a real ability to see the humor in almost anything. I think that is because I have learned that I much prefer laughing to crying. If I couldn’t laugh at life, I’m afraid I would become very pessimistic, something I don’t want to be. However, even with my desire to look at life optimistically, there still are times when even the most optimistic person will struggle to view something in a positive ... Full Story

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