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Friday, May 22, 2015

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Wildlife on the move

Wildlife on the move

As I-70 mitigation efforts continue, agencies remind motorists to slow down, watch for wildlife near roadways

Don’t feed wildlife

Dow reminds residents: don't feed wildlife DURANGO, Colo. -- As Colorado enters the snowy transition between winter and spring, the Colorado Division of Wildlife is reminding citizens that feeding wildlife in Colorado is not only illegal but can also harm wildlife. Native species are adapted to survive the long months of privation that winter brings. While sick, old or weak individuals may succumb to the stresses of winter, local populations generally meet the spring ready to begin ... Full Story

May Guided Hikes and Programs in Larimer County’s

May Guided Hikes and Programs in Larimer County’s Parks and Open Spaces

Guided Hikes and Events Saturday, May 1, at 10:00 a.m. “Hummers – the birds that is, not the cars!” Did you know that Hummingbirds migrate hundreds of miles each year?  Or how to tell the Ruby throats apart from the Rufous verities?  Learn the answers to these questions and more with this program dedicated to the smallest of the woodland birds – the hummingbird.  Program will be held at the Hermit’s Cabin at Hermit Park Open Space, located just south-east of the town of ... Full Story

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