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Friday, February 12, 2016

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Sex and the Catholic Church

    Limbaugh, Santorum, Sex, and the Origins of the Roman Catholic Church By Steven Jonas In the year 312, the Roman Emperor Constantine saw some kind of a religious vision at some time before a battle in which he defeated his major rival at the time, Maxentius (1). Just what the nature of the vision was is unclear, but it did lead to Constantine's conversion to what became Roman Catholicism. This event functionally ended close to 300 years of an often underground existence of the ... Full Story

The GOP’s War on Women

The GOP’s War on Women

  By Gary Wamsley   Republicans have seized on the insurance provided contraception provision of the Affordable Health Care Act to attack President Obama as being at war with religion. Of course Romney, Santorium and Gingrich immediately piled on the hay wagon for what they think is a free ride to increased popularity with their political base. The Catholic Biships, not satisfied with the president’s compromise want nothing less that having their religious dogma forced upon the rest ... Full Story

Berthoud Media Campaign Invites You to Get to Know a

Berthoud Media Campaign Invites You to Get to Know a Mormon

  Submitted by Tom Jones LDS Loveland Stake Media Representative  BERTHOUD — There is a national conversation taking place about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members, and starting the first week of October, Mormons in Berthoud will be taking part in that conversation. That’s when the Church will launch a national media campaign in a dozen major cities called “I’m a Mormon.” The campaign includes television spots, billboards, ads on buses and Internet ... Full Story

LDS Church Announces Temple for Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado – April 2, 2011 – The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today announced the construction of a temple in Fort Collins.  The temple will serve the needs of over 20,000 Church members in northern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming.  It is expected that when completed the Fort Collins Colorado Temple may occupy approximately 17,000 square feet on land yet to be announced in Fort Collins. Latter-day Saint temples differ from the ... Full Story

Obituary: Robert Bruce Fickel, DDS

Obituary: Robert Bruce Fickel, DDS

R. Bruce Fickel, D.D. S., “Doc” as he was known to the Berthoud community, died on March 9, 2011, just three weeks prior to his 99th birthday. Doc was born in Edina, Missouri, the son of Lee A. and Charlotte Louise Harvey Fickel. He attended the University of Missouri for two years, after which he was employed as a social worker in the Knox County Welfare Department. He then enrolled in and was graduated from Washington University Dental School in 1941. That same year he opened his dental ... Full Story

Cannabis church in Berthoud

Cannabis church in Berthoud

Longmont TimesCall "Holy Smoke: Dispensary owner starts church based on 'one of God's tools' BERTHOUD — Last month, Larry Hill traded in his medical marijuana dispensary in Longmont to start a cannabis church in Berthoud.

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