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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Daris Howard: Giving Away Christmas

Daris Howard: Giving Away Christmas

    Giving Away Christmas   by Daris Howard I was working on a humorous Christmas story when the news came about the massacre of 20 children in Connecticut, along with the deaths of many adults that gave their lives to protect the children in their care. My two youngest daughters are about the same ages as some of the children that were killed, and I was too stunned to continue writing. Later in the afternoon, I went to my daughters’ concert. When it ended I hugged them ... Full Story

Our Second Little Christmas Angel

Our Second Little Christmas Angel

By Daris Howard We had been foster parents for several years when the opportunity came for us to have a beautiful 19-month-old foster daughter in our home, whom we were told we could possibly adopt. She went by the nickname of Angel, in the foster-care program, and that was what we called her too. She truly was a little angel. She had a round, cherubic face and light blond hair. She had a big smile and a happy disposition. We loved her from the minute she entered our home. We were told that ... Full Story

Anyone Can See Love

  By Daris Howard It was my second Thanksgiving far from home. I was invited to dinner by a family that I dearly loved. Norma, the mother, was a wonderful lady. Though she was blind, nothing much slowed her down. She ran her home with efficiency and precision. But there was something else that made her more amazing. She had eight children; four had mental handicaps, and the other four had physical handicaps. Each mentally challenged child was paired with a physically challenged child. ... Full Story

Life’s Outtakes: Sisterly Love

Life’s Outtakes: Sisterly Love

by Daris Howard               Trissa stomped into our bedroom. “Make her leave Toby alone!”             Toby was Trissa’s special Teddy bear. He was a perfect size and very soft. But most importantly, he only had one eye. Trissa had endured many eye surgeries when she was only four years old, and was very attached to her one-eyed bear.             I pulled Trissa up close to me. “Who would be bothering Toby?” I asked. “Everybody knows he is your ... Full Story

Do You See Signs Of Aging?

By Daris Howard “Do you see signs of aging?” the advertisement asked. I looked in the mirror. “Me?” I laughed. “Never!” In preparing to go on a trip to Peru I started searching through all of my old stuff to find a birth certificate for a passport. I came across a my high school senior picture. I laid it aside as I continued my search. One of my teenage children came wandering into the room and picked it up. She looked at it - it showing my state wrestling champion build, and ... Full Story

Life’s Outtakes: A Relative Disaster

A Relative Disaster By Daris Howard   The church bulletin carried a notice for a genealogy class that was going to be offered in our local community. A friend of mine joked that I ought to take it to help me find out why I’m so nutty. “Maybe you will learn that you have had squirrels in your family tree.” “Very funny,” I replied. But I must admit that the thought intrigued me. I have some old aunts that work on this kind of thing all of the time. They can tell me who my ... Full Story

Life’s Outtakes,The Year I Lived Christmas

The Year I Lived Christmas By Daris Howard It was Christmas Eve, and I was in New York, a long way from home. As we started our day, my associate, Mark, asked me what I had planned. “The main thing is the church Christmas social tonight,” I replied. “How about we live the real Christmas story as told in Matthew 25 verse 40 before we go?” I knew the Christmas story wasn’t there, but he had an unusual seriousness about him, so I agreed. “Good!” he said. “Get all of your spare ... Full Story

Daris Howard: Life’s Outtakes

My Little Christmas Angel By Daris Howard   My wife, Donna, says I have a real ability to see the humor in almost anything. I think that is because I have learned that I much prefer laughing to crying. If I couldn’t laugh at life, I’m afraid I would become very pessimistic, something I don’t want to be. However, even with my desire to look at life optimistically, there still are times when even the most optimistic person will struggle to view something in a positive light. In 1996 ... Full Story

Differences In Gratitude

  By Daris Howard I was 19 years old, living in New York, and a long way from home. It was Thanksgiving time, and I knew I would not be able to go home for Thanksgiving. Two different families. that attended the same church I did, invited me to Thanksgiving dinner. The first dinner was to be at about noon, and the second would be around 7:00 in the evening. Being young, and having a big appetite, I figured I would be fine accepting both. On that morning, I ate a light breakfast so I could ... Full Story

Why I Am A Teacher

  By Daris Howard It was summer graduation day at the university where I work and a beautiful day it was, unlike the first graduation I attended as a young professor. That one was in April and the cold south wind had swirled the snow around us. On that day, as we watched the students file past, one of my more seasoned colleagues, who was also my mentor, turned to me and said, “Graduation will be one of the happiest and one of the saddest times of your life.” When I asked him why it was ... Full Story

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