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Friday, September 4, 2015

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Satire: GOP Furious

Satire: GOP Furious

GOP Furious State Department Cut Embassy Security After GOP Cut Embassy Security Funding Written by David Neilsen May 13th 2013 WASHINGTON — After a day of emotional hearings on the Benghazi Embassy attacks of 2012, Republican legislators yesterday decried the Obama State Department for following through with the budget cuts to embassy security mandated by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. “This is negligence of the highest order,” said House Oversight and Government ... Full Story

Grover Norquist: a misleading accounting of recent

Grover Norquist: a misleading accounting of recent history

            Grover Norquist: a misleading accounting of recent history By Glenn Kessler “Raising taxes slows the economy. Raising taxes kills jobs. Government spending does not create jobs. The idea that if you take a dollar out of the economy from somebody who earned it, either through debt or through taxes, and give it to somebody who is politically connected, that there are more dollars around? That if you stand on one side of the lake and put a bucket into the lake and walk ... Full Story

GOP lies about the financial crisis

  How Lying About The Financial Crisis Enables The GOP's Misunderstanding Of The Occupy Movement November 22, 2011 3:45 pm ET — Alan Pyke Last night on Fox Business' Follow the Money, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) reiterated a pair of connected ideas that are very popular on the political right despite clashing with established facts. In the era of Occupy Wall Street, many elected Republicans and right-wing media figures hold two articles of faith: (1) The finance industry cannot be blamed for ... Full Story

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