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Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Libyan Situation Report: September 22

Libya - September 22, 2011 Executive Summary  Highlights African Union recognizes the National Transitional Council (NTC)Article African Union (AU) recognition of the NTC, though lagging far behind the 85 + countries that have recognized the NTC, is symbolic. It can transform Libya’s relationship with the AU. Assuming the commitment by the AU is genuine. A new form of engagement that sides with the Libyan people is the only way forward. Unfortunately, Gaddafi continues to garner ... Full Story

Libyan Situation Report: September 21

SITUATION REPORT  September 21, 2011  Prepared by: Libya Outreach Group  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY From September 20: The whereabouts of Maummer Gaddafi still unknown; fighting continues in Sebha, Sirte and Bani Walid Libya (; even though most of Sebha captured by pro-Democracy forces Tuesday they still face pockets of resistance (; NATO continues to support pro-Democracy forces with air strikes in Sirte, Weddan and Bani Walid (; ... Full Story

Libyan Situation Report, September 20

The myth of Tribal Libya

The Libyan youth uses a number of communication media. In addition to their Twitter and Facebook pages, they have a web site on which they keep a running update, publishes some of their own publication and provides articles that have appeared in international newspapers.   Todays page includeds "Libya's uprising attract participants worldwide" from the Washington Post "Video: Apparently the whole Libyan social media revolution is a fake" showing attempts to discredit the Libyan ... Full Story

Questions we SHOULD be asking about Libya

A response to Fareed Zakaria’s show GPS on CNN April 3, 2011. Dear Fareed, Your insistence, along with many others, on the juicy question: is there Al-Qaida in Libya, is deplorable. I usually have deep admiration for your precise views about current issues, and the same for your respected guests. Your prominent guest today, Dr. Brzezinski stated many important points especially the urgency which the situation in Libya must be dealt with, and the fact that Libya and the rest of the free ... Full Story

Stories from Libya, Tuesday March 1

The Washington Post In Libya, an unlikely hero of a youth-led revolution by Leila Fadel Washington Post Foreign Service BENGHAZI, LIBYA - Mehdi Mohammed Zeyo was the most unlikely of revolutionary heroes. The bespectacled 49-year-old worked in the supplies department of a state-owned oil company. He was a diabetic with two teenage daughters.   The Guardian, UK Libya is united in popular revolution – please don't intervene by Muhammad min Libya "Kiss my mum goodbye for me, and ... Full Story

Lybia in the news

The New York Times The Opinion Pages Unfit for Democracy? By Nicholas D Kristof I don’t think so. Moreover, this line of thinking seems to me insulting to the unfree world. In Egypt and Bahrain in recent weeks, I’ve been humbled by the lionhearted men and women I’ve seen defying tear gas or bullets for freedom that we take for granted. How can we say that these people are unready for a democracy that they are prepared to die for?     Associated Press Clinton: US ... Full Story

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