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Friday, November 27, 2015

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Gardening with The Masters

Gardening with The Masters

  Things that go bump in the garden: Bats, snakes, and toads Gardening Article By: Kathie Hopkins Colorado State University Extension Master Gardener in Larimer County Bats: The often maligned bat is a gardener’s best friend! The North American bat species are nocturnal mammals that devour more bugs than birds and bug zappers combined, and they do not suck blood from animals or humans. They specifically search out night-flying insects, such as moths and mosquitoes and a bat will devour ... Full Story

Gardening with the Master Gardeners

  Gardening Tips By: Nika Reininger Colorado State University Extension Master Gardener in Larimer County   Tips for increasing biodiversity in residential landscapes: As Colorado’s human population continues to grow, maintaining areas of biodiversity becomes an increasingly important focus of conservation efforts. Biodiversity, or a variety of plant and animal species living in the same area, is a characteristic of healthy and sustainable landscapes. While critical at a state and ... Full Story

“Your Garden Show,” an Online Garden

“Your Garden Show,” an Online Garden Community

Gardeners, find inspiration, grow a garden and share with others Denver, CO. , the world’s first social media platform dedicated to gardens and their cultivators, launches from its San Francisco headquarters after two years in the making. This interactive website features an expansive 6,000 vegetable database developed by Cornell University (778 varieties of tomatoes!) and a 5,900 ornamental plant database powered by Missouri Botanical Garden, one of the oldest botanical ... Full Story

GROW-CAB’-U-LAR-Y, an Introduction to gardening

GROW-CAB’-U-LAR-Y, an Introduction to gardening terms

By: Charleen Barr Colorado Master Gardener in Larimer County No, it is not a spelling test! Gardening terms are important to know.  They help us understand the workings of a garden. Sometimes we can be confused, even overwhelmed, by the many gardening specific words and terms used by those who are regularly engaged in fooling around with earth and its bounty.  Perhaps a brief introduction to a few often used terms found in magazines, brochures, and at garden nurseries will help in becoming ... Full Story

Introducing Dianthus ‘Polar Coral’

Introducing Dianthus ‘Polar Coral’

Another Cool Hardy Plant By Betsy Kelson Jared’s Nursery & Garden Center SPRING IS HERE!!! Well, at least it is according to the calendar. And color starved gardeners of the Front Range can start creating or adding to their flower gardens and containers now. This spring, be on the lookout for Dianthus F1 Polar Coral. Voted Best DIANTHUS in 2009 at the Colorado State University Trial Gardens in Fort Collins, this dianthus survived the three hailstorms suffered by the area last summer. ... Full Story

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