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Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Longmont Christmas Home Tour

Longmont Christmas Home Tour

"The Gift of Home” is the theme for Longmont’s Christmas Home Tour featuring four houses in three days of celebrating the Christmas Holidays. A new and special VIP night, Thursday on Dec. 4th includes a meal at one of four local restaurants, door prizes, and a first peek at all the sales and décor. Tickets are $30. For a list of participating restaurants and menus go to Friday, Dec. 5, and Saturday, Dec. 6, tour tickets are $15 and include the tour and soup and ... Full Story

America, the land of the destitute

  By Paul Buchheit Five Ugly Extremes of Inequality in America -- The Contrasts Will Drop Your Chin to the Floor Any of the ten richest Americans could pay a year's rent for all of America's homeless with their 2012 income. March 24, 2013  | The first step is to learn the facts, and then to get angry and to ask ourselves, as progressives and caring human beings, what we can do about the relentless transfer of wealth to a small group of well-positioned Americans. 1. $2.13 per ... Full Story

OpEd News: January 2, 2012

OpEd News: January 2, 2012

OpEdNews Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News Should Be Daily Headlines   By Andrew Kreig Chief Justice's Annual Report Ducks Judicial Ethics Scandals The federal courts function honestly, according to the annual report on the federal judiciary that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts issued Dec. 31 in the middle of the New Year's holiday weekend.   By Chaz Valenza It's Official: Gov Stats Shows the Middle Class is Dead It's offical, the middle class is dead. Recently ... Full Story

Life’s Outtakes,The Year I Lived Christmas

The Year I Lived Christmas By Daris Howard It was Christmas Eve, and I was in New York, a long way from home. As we started our day, my associate, Mark, asked me what I had planned. “The main thing is the church Christmas social tonight,” I replied. “How about we live the real Christmas story as told in Matthew 25 verse 40 before we go?” I knew the Christmas story wasn’t there, but he had an unusual seriousness about him, so I agreed. “Good!” he said. “Get all of your spare ... Full Story

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