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Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Daris Howard: Giving Away Christmas

Daris Howard: Giving Away Christmas

    Giving Away Christmas   by Daris Howard I was working on a humorous Christmas story when the news came about the massacre of 20 children in Connecticut, along with the deaths of many adults that gave their lives to protect the children in their care. My two youngest daughters are about the same ages as some of the children that were killed, and I was too stunned to continue writing. Later in the afternoon, I went to my daughters’ concert. When it ended I hugged them ... Full Story

Anyone Can See Love

  By Daris Howard It was my second Thanksgiving far from home. I was invited to dinner by a family that I dearly loved. Norma, the mother, was a wonderful lady. Though she was blind, nothing much slowed her down. She ran her home with efficiency and precision. But there was something else that made her more amazing. She had eight children; four had mental handicaps, and the other four had physical handicaps. Each mentally challenged child was paired with a physically challenged child. ... Full Story

Singing To The End Of Life

By Daris Howard Without warning, and with no time to take cover, a German shell exploded, causing Tommy’s world to go black. When he awoke in the field hospital, he could only see shadows, which faded until his vision was gone completely. When Tommy returned from the war, his determination and positive attitude amazed everyone. Often, others were more concerned about his disability than he was. He desired to major in Dairy Management at the state agricultural school, but those in charge ... Full Story

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