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Saturday, October 10, 2015

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Impeachment Would Fix Lots of Problems

Impeachment Would Fix Lots of Problems

by Robert De Filippis What’s wrong with the Republican’s burning desire to impeach the president? If you lived here in the rural heartland, well sheltered from all those liberal, urban and coastal types, you would understand. I do, because recently I was educated by a couple of locals while we sat at the bar of a neighborhood restaurant. The larger topic was American politics. I learned that our most important problem is really Obama, who we all know is a (expletive) socialist who was ... Full Story


    Impeach the President Over the Recent U.S. Deaths in Middle-East! By Martin Lewis This is a monstrous scandal. The biggest since Watergate. Brave Americans murdered this fall in the Middle-East and our so-called president has no answers about why it happened! Of course the fact that it happened as the president was obviously focused on running for a second term couldn't have had anything to do with it! And the White House has admitted that the news of the deadly attack also caused ... Full Story

Newt Gingrich – a portrait of a complicated

Newt Gingrich – a portrait of a complicated politician

          Newt Gingrich - a portrait of a complicated politician  By William Douglas | McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — Just who is Newt Gingrich anyway? Is he the big thinking rhetorical bomb-thrower who led Republicans to power in the House of Representatives in 1994 for the first time in four decades, only to have his troops rebel against him four years later? Is he the undisciplined, self-absorbed House speaker who admitted that a 1995 shutdown of the federal ... Full Story

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