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Friday, October 9, 2015

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The Day New York’s Dream Died

The Day New York’s Dream Died

By Mike Moran Senior Media Consultant The Colorado Springs Sports Corporation It was five years ago today, July 6, 2005, but it seems like twenty……….. more than 4,000 people had jammed into a mini-stadium at Rockefeller Center in New York City early on a muggy morning before 7:00 to watch on a pair of giant screens as the International Olympic Committee selected the city that would host the 2012 Olympic Games……….. on the night before, our small stadium setting was electric, with ... Full Story

Vancouver Vantage Point — No American Athlete Left

Vancouver Vantage Point February 27, 2010 #16 No American Athlete Left Behind     By Mike Moran   A critical column this week in one of our leading sports magazines praised American athletes for their astonishing performance in Vancouver, despite being “deserted” by the United States Olympic Committee for the last two years………. the theory is that the turmoil at the USOC at the top, its ouster of popular Olympian Jim Scheer as CEO last year, and continued turnover in management ... Full Story

Vancouver Vantage Point #15

Mike Moran’s Vancouver Vantage Point #15 Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth February 25, 2010 It’s unfortunate that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn’t want to book a suite just yet at the toney Grand Hotel Polyana in Sochi, Russia, between February 7-23, 2014………..right now, he could get a rate of $382(US) per night if he acted quickly………….. the Black Sea resort hotel was built just three years ago by Gazprom, has great security and is separated from outsiders or ... Full Story

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