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Saturday, November 28, 2015

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GOP, feed the rich, starve the poor

GOP, feed the rich, starve the poor

  House Republicans Pass Farm Bill That Rewards Corporations While Starving The Poor By: Jason Easley   The only way House Republicans could get the Farm Bill passed was to not just cut food aid for the poor, but to starve them. The House passed their modified version of the Farm Bill by a vote of 216-208. To show their disdain for the bill, 0 Democrats voted for it. but the Democratic displeasure went beyond no votes. Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi blasted her Republican colleagues ... Full Story

Mitt Romney’s Real Agenda

Mitt Romney’s Real Agenda

          If you want to understand Romney's game plan, just look at what Republicans have been doing in Congress By Tim Dickinson September 28, 2012 10:30 AM ET It was tempting to dismiss Mitt Romney's hard-right turn during the GOP primaries as calculated pandering. In the general election – as one of his top advisers famously suggested – Romney would simply shake the old Etch A Sketch and recast himself as the centrist who governed Massachusetts. But with the ... Full Story

Political statements about government shutdown

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Representative Cory Gardner May Shut Down Government In Pursuit Of Radical Social Agenda It has become clear that Representative Cory Gardner (CO-04) and House Republicans may shut down the government tonight unless they get their extremist agenda that restricts women’s reproductive health care even including cancer screenings. Shutting down government would come at the expense of the 13,272 federal workers in Gardner’s district. This right-wing ... Full Story

Udall Amendment to Wall Street Accountability Bill

Udall Amendment to Wall Street Accountability Bill Would Allow Consumers to Get Free Access to Credit Score Current Law Allows Free Access to Credit Report, NOT Credit Score Udall: Increasing Access to Credit Score Would Help Level the Playing Field for Consumers Washington, D.C. – Today, as the U. S. Senate began debating legislation to crack down on Wall Street and protect families’ savings and seniors’ pensions, Senator Mark Udall offered an amendment that would help consumers take ... Full Story

American Farmland Trust Releases Climate Change

American Farmland Trust Releases Climate Change Legislation Study

Impacts of Climate Change Legislation on Agriculture in the Rocky Mountain States of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico Washington, D.C. —American Farmland Trust (AFT) has released a comprehensive study analyzing existing data and cost-benefit studies to assess the effects of climate change legislation on the agricultural economies of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. AFT sponsored the research to advance understanding of the economic implications for U. S. agriculture as Congress considers ... Full Story

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