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Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Reapportionment Commission Violates Constitution

December 2, 2011 The Reapportionment Commission, with a last minute never before seen map, has sent to the Supreme Court state legislative district maps dripping with political vindictiveness. Without regard to constitutional mandates (the very reason the Commission was directed by the Court to redraw the maps) the partisan majority rammed these maps through without allowing any discussion of other maps or even amendments. I say partisan majority because the chairman, who claimed to be ... Full Story

Ferret Fun at the Library

Ferret Fun at the Library

Last week a ferret visited the Berthoud Community Library's storytime. Children listened to stories about ferrets, learned about their weasel origins, and then met Elend, a live ferret. Nearly two dozen people were captivated by the furry visitor for almost an hour.  

Lundberg Legislative Report, October 7, 2011

  1. Taxing Ballot Questions 2. C.U.T. Award 3. Legislative Oversight Committee of the Health Benefits Exchange ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Next week the ballots will be mailed out for the 2011 election. There are several tax issues before the voters here in Larimer County. Between the statewide increases in sales and income taxes (Proposition 103) a countywide sales tax for the jail, and a Thompson School District ... Full Story

Lundberg Legislative Report, July 7

Lundberg: Nanny state government policies driving up costs for families & businesses Today Senator Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud, responded to the Colorado Department of Health and Human Services rewriting its already extensive rules and regulations adding many unnecessary and burdensome regulations on child care providers. "We all agree that the welfare and safety of children should be a top priority for the Department of Human Services,” said Lundberg. “However, the department’s latest ... Full Story

Emission Tests in Larimer and Weld

Emission Tests in Larimer and Weld

If your car was in good working order, would it make sense to have it fixed anyway? The government is trying to fix something that isn't broken by forcing costly and time-consuming vehicle emission tests on residents of Weld and Larimer county. The program is taking money from Larimer and Weld county families to fund government bureaucracies and a business monopoly. If House Bill 1082 becomes law the vehicle emission tests required for gasoline vehicles in Weld and Larimer counties will be ... Full Story

Lundberg Legislative Report

February 28, 2011 Topics: 1. Colorado's Sesquicentennial 2. Emissions Testing for Larimer and Weld County 3. My Bills 1. 150 years ago, on February 28, President James Buchanan signed the bill, passed by Congress, to create the Colorado Territory. Reallocated from of portions of the Utah, Kansas, Nebraska and New Mexico territories, the boarders are identical to the state of Colorado, which began in 1876. Today I introduced SJR-19, recognizing this sesquicentennial for Colorado. The text of the ... Full Story

Old Fashioned Political Rally

Old Fashioned Political Rally

Last nights Old Fashioned Political Rally at the Ranch was gala affair even though the major party candidates for U.S. Senate and the governorship did not attend. The line up of speakers was continuous from the 5:40 p.m. start time until nearly 9 o’clock. The 50 booths of candidates and issue committees offered rally goers the opportunity to discuss issues and candidate’s qualification one-on-one. Many of the attendees left the hall at the end of the evening carrying an armful of political ... Full Story

Penry and Lundberg letter opposing Ritter executive

Press Release: Colorado Senate Republicans Not ones to shy away from rabble-rousing, Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, R-Grand Junction, and Sen. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud sent a strongly worded letter to Gov. Bill Ritter opposing an executive order creating a new panel that would implement provisions of the recently approved federal health care takeover. The letter, which follows, was signed by 10 other members of the Senate GOP caucus. Dear Governor Ritter, We are writing to express our ... Full Story

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