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Monday, November 30, 2015

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Bagged salad greens recall

Bagged salad greens recall

Toss That Salad...Out! Salmonella Concerns Prompt Bagged Greens Recall A finished package of spinach tested as likely tainted with salmonella in Washington, and bagged greens-maker Taylor Farms has issued a voluntary, precautionary recall of 3,265 cases of several of their salad blends. Taylor Farms has nine processing plants in the U.S., including three in California, and one in Mexico. They are based in Salinas, California. The salads are sold under various brand names including Fresh ... Full Story

Chip-Dipping With College Football’s Biggies

Chip-Dipping With College Football’s Biggies

January 12, 2011 Chip-Dipping With College Football’s Biggies The Hundred Years War <> was a series of battles between England and France from 1337 to 1453, lasting 116 years…………it began when King Edward III of England claimed the throne of France and invaded the northwest of France. Edward's successor, Richard II, continued fighting, as did ... Full Story

Final BCS Standings

The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame announced the final standings in the Bowl Championship Series. There were no changes in the top six from the previous week as Auburn, Oregon and TCU remain unbeaten while once beaten Stanford, Wisconsin and Ohio State round out the top ranks. Nebraska's loss dropped the Cornhuskers five slots to number 18 and Hawaii and Central Florida moved into the top 25 listings.

Bowl Championship Series: Week 7

Three undefeated teams top the rankings. Auburn and Oregon switched places in the top two positions. TCU remained at #3 while Stanford replaced Boise State at the #4 slot. West Virginia and Northern Illinois made their way into the top 25.

Week 4 of Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings

No changes this week in the top four teams, but LSU and Stanford both made big gains in the standings. Alabama, Utah and Oklahoma lost games this week and fell in the rankings.

Week 3 of Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings

Number 1 and 2 positions switched, but Oregon and Auburn still take the top two spots. Numbers 3 and 4 also switched places. Michigan State, ranked fifth last week dropped to 14 after this weeks loss while Nebraska moved up 7 positions. The top 25 teams are listed below.

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