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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Commissioners: “Resolution Opposing 60, 61 and

Commissioners: “Resolution Opposing 60, 61 and  101”

At today's Administrative Matters meeting, the Larimer County Commissioners, all Republicans, joined a long list of legislators who have passed a resolution opposing Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101. Most, if not all cities and towns, special districts and civic organization in Larimer County have expressed their opposition to these ballot proposals. Only State Senator Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud has come out in favor of these proposals, showing that he is out of step with, not ... Full Story

All about 60, 61 and 101

These two amendments and one proposition may be among the most important issues facing Colorado voters this year. Several newspapers have issued editorial opinions on these issues and most government entities, special districts and many organizations have come out opposing the measures. Below we list the links to three editorial opinions and below that are links to a description of each issue on the site Ballotpedia. The Ballotpedia links hold a great deal of information about the issues ... Full Story

Who is behind 60, 61 and 101

Who is behind 60, 61 and 101

Dear Neighbor, Who is behind the Bad 3? They are trying very hard to make sure you don't know. And they're trying very hard to make sure you don’t know what damage 60, 61, and 101 would do to Colorado. Reporting this week in the Denver Post opened a window on the backers of these intentionally misleading, job killing measures as they attack the process of creating the "Blue Book," the state-prepeared voter guide. The only backer of these initiatives who will speak refuses to do so ... Full Story

School Board honors Breitbarth’s service to

School Board honors Breitbarth’s service to community

Wednesday’s Thompson Board of Education meeting began on a very special note. Quite apparent was the empty chair where Dennis Brietbarth normally sat. Also noticeable was the single rose, placed there by members of the Thompson Education Association. Seeing the head of the teacher’s union with tears in her eyes over the loss of a school board member speaks volumes about the man and his relationship with the teachers of the Thompson School District. Board president Lucille Steiner was ... Full Story

Citizens report on prop 101 and amendments 60 and 61

The Loveland Citizens' Finance Advisory Commission submitted their report on the proposed ballot issues at Tuesday's council meeting. The commission is appointed by the Loveland City Council to participate in a review of the budget, evaluate all financial policies and report its findings to the council. The nine member commission delivered a comprehensive report on the effects of the ballot initiatives, Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101. The report, though designed for Loveland, is a ... Full Story

Berthoud Trustees, August 10 agenda

BOARD OF TRUSTEES REGULAR MEETING AUGUST 10, 2010 BOARD ROOM 7:00 P.M. 1. Call to Order Mayor Tom Patterson 2. Roll Call Mayor Tom Patterson Mayor Pro-Tem David Gregg Trustee Thomas Jones Trustee David Skiles Trustee John Bauer Trustee Jeff Hindman Trustee Dick Shepard 3. Pledge of Allegiance Mayor Patterson 4. Citizen Participation 5. Reports All matters listed under Item 6, Consent Agenda, are considered to be routine by the Town Board and will ... Full Story

Take Reporting Ethics 101 over again

Take Reporting Ethics 101 over again

Dear Editor, As a newspaper you all should be ashamed of your article on the Sheriff's report. You advertise the opponent's website to ballot issues 60, 61 and 101 and reference to the Post's slanted articles but nothing at ALL for the proponents. Do you always aim to show only one side of issues? As journalists you should present both sides or find another job as bloggers. Visit to see how moderate and modest the three proposals are. Phased in ... Full Story

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