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Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Veterans Day Thoughts

  No Glory in War for this Veteran By Andrew Larkin I am a veteran – of the Vietnam era, as are my friends and my brothers. My father, uncles, and an aunt were veterans of World War II. A great uncle was stationed on a battleship during World War I.  A great-grandfather fought in the Civil War, an immigrant in an Illinois regiment who suffered the rest of his life from his bullet wound. Veterans Day on November 11 was formerly Armistice Day, celebrating the end of the Great War. But it ... Full Story

Occupy Our Fears of Iran

By Winslow Myers U.S. behavior long ago provided one causal context for our unease about the presumed nuclear aspirations of the Islamic Republic of Iran: the U.S. and Britain messed with Iran’s last authentically democratic election in 1953, fearing communist influence and the nationalization of oil. U.S. oil corporations, a minor partner before the CIA overthrew elected Mohammad Mossadegh and installed the dictatorial Shah, then became the largest profiting entity, even more than the ... Full Story

Gov. Hickenlooper orders flags lowered Friday

Gov. Hickenlooper orders flags lowered Friday

in honor of Col. Leo Boston   DENVER ­— Thursday, July 14, 2011 — Gov. John Hickenlooper today ordered flags be lowered to half-staff on all public buildings statewide on Friday, July 15, in honor of Col. Leo S. Boston. Flags should be lowered from sunrise to sunset. Col. Boston was the pilot of an A1 Skyraider aircraft that was on a search-and-rescue mission in North Vietnam on April 29, 1966, when it was reported missing. Col. Boston’s status remained as missing until April 27, ... Full Story

Virtual Vietnam Wall

Virtual Vietnam Wall

I receive a great many emails from my military classmates and many are worth sharing. This was sent to me by "Uncle Bill." the oldest man in our Pilot Training Class. He must have been all of 29 at the time. We are all older and we all lost friends in Southeast Asia, but we still keep in touch nearly 60 years later.   I will just include the instructions that came with the email and the link to the site. Please let me know how you feel about running these remembrances of my military ... Full Story

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