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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Future Looks Secure

By Gary Wamsley

I am very pleased with the outcome of the Berthoud Community Library District mil levy vote. A lot of you voted and voted overwhelmingly in support the library. It has been a long time coming. The library board was discussing this issue when I first started attending the meetings four years ago. Now, after many studies and hard work by a great many people, the district and its funding is a reality and the library’s future looks secure. Thanks to all those on the board, the issue committee, the library staff and the supporters who voted in favor of the library funding.

The ink was barely dry on the ballots when two of our high school sports teams headed into post-season play, as they would say in the big leagues. I went to Lafayette to watch the football team play the Centaurus High School Warriors. Centaurus had a great home field advantage, especially with the referees, but the Spartans were strong enough to overcome that obstacle and won the game. They will now advance to play again this weekend.

The girl’s volleyball team played in the state finals on Friday and Saturday. They made it to the final sixteen but were eliminated on Saturday afternoon. The playoffs are quite spectacular. There are five courts going at the same time and the level of play is awesome. All of the teams are outstanding or they would not have gotten this far in the season. Given the talent and skills of the players, any of these teams could beat another on any given day.

Our girls were obviously sad when they lost the final round and there were a few tears. Lest you think it is just the young ladies who show such emotion, I noted tears from losers of matches at the Colorado State Wrestling Championship last year. None of our local lads of course, they were more stoic.

I hate to use the word “loser” because these young people are all winners. The girls had a great season and are to be congratulated. I have seen some exciting volleyball games and Berthoud has some great talent. Well done.

As we march toward winter, the streets are being paved downtown. I was somewhat surprised, as many were, by the size of the bulbouts at the street corners. They seem to have left a rather narrow entry to the streets. Perhaps it is just because we have been used to seeing so much space at the corners. We will probably get used to it, though I think the tractor trailer that delivers to the Subway restaurant may have to revise his route a little.

It is becoming apparent that Mountain Ave. will look quite different when this project is completed. It is progressing enough that you can begin to visualize the new appearance. I am looking forward to seeing what it will look like with the new streetlights. We may finally have that quaint “old town” look.

It’s starting to get cold, bundle up and I’ll see you around town.


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