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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Moon Theater production is a must see


“You Can’t Take It With You”

Written for a society beset by the great depression in the mid-1930s, Moss Hart and George Kaufman’s message in this play was clear. Choose your quest in life and pursue it with passion. Indeed it is the passion that you feel as the play unfolds; both in the play and from the actors.

Rick Padden as Paul Sycamore

Kathleen Gruman and Lesley Jones had their hands full in directing this production. It has a large cast of 18, consisting of neophyte actors to professionals of the theater. It is full of action, from explosions, dancing, fighting, arrests etc. and yet they have seen to the small nuances as well – subtle expressions, the kittens and the candy. It was a wonderful job and it comes together flawlessly.

Many of the actors can be seen, real time, around Berthoud and the others are familiar to other stages here in Northern Colorado. Grandpa, played by 40-year veteran Don Kraus, was a key figure in keeping this diverse group together. Don Dana debuted his acting career as Ed Carmichael – and did an outstanding job. “It is great to hear the audience chuckle,” said Dana, “but when you hear a laugh it really revs your passion.” Rick Padden plays the father, the zany Paul Sycamore, with the energy and intensity he brings to his performances.

It’s funny, it’s relevant, and an insanely good time. The play’s message is that money isn’t everything. The action unfolds as the slightly whacky Sycamore family meets the straight laced Kirby’s when young lovers try to come to terms with their family’s characteristics. The cast obviously had a great time putting on the show and you will have a great time watching.

Opening night for this production was played to a packed house. The Moon Theatre Co. can be very proud of this production. There are several more performances, don’t miss this show. Go to this link to see the schedule.

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Penelope (Penny) Sycamore  – Pam Strahan
  • Essie Carmichael – Memorie Conder
  • Rheba – Gale Magaha Miller
  • Paul Sycamore – Rick Padden
  • Mr. DePinna – Larry Ayers
  • Ed Carmichael – Don Dana
  • Donald – Paul Jones
  • Grandpa (Martin Venderhof) – Don Kraus
  • Alice Sycamore – Tonya Berton
  • Mr. Henderson – David Mineo
  • Tony Kirby – Brad Redford
  • Gay Wellington (the drunk) -Teresa Caka
  • Mr. Kolenkhov – Tom Studholme
  • Mr. Kirby – Larry Westrum
  • Mrs. Kirby – Lesley Jones
  • G-Man 1 – Peter Bridgman
  • G-Man 2 – David Mineo
  • G-Man 3 – Daniel Skeen
  • Duchess Olga Katrina – Marian Bennett

Production Staff:

  • Directors – Kathleen Groman & Lesley Jones
  • Set Design – Lenora Dana & Joan DeMuro
  • Lighting Design – David Skeen
  • Set dresser –  Joan DeMuro
  • Light operator – Daniel Skeen
  • Sound design – Don Kraus
  • Makeup/Hair – Summer Eland
  • Graphic Design – Kelly Hines-Keller
  • Publicity – Rick Padden

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