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The Second Grade presents ‘Something’s Musical’

The Ivy Stockwell Second Grade Showcase performance on Thursday night was Something’s Musical, with singers, dancers and instruments directed by Mr. Bill Hordinski.

While these showcases are a delight to the parents and grandparents, the main idea is to teach the students something valuable.

The Music standards include learning to read and notate music, create music and explore culture through music and history.

An important part of the showcase is the art the children created to go along with the showcase theme. The art too is a learning tool and the children learn communication with the visual arts, understanding of the principals of design and the techniques and process involved.

The musical program included several songs, dancing to the Doubleska Polka and featured percussion groups.

Here are the stars of the show.

Carli Alves, Daisy AnchondoWegener, Drew Annan, Juancarlos Arreola, Makayla Bennington, Kimberly Blough, Nathan Brooks, Fiona Bump, Tristan Clarkson, Abigail Coe, Cara Courtright, Jace Courtright, Lily Degnan, Kvontay Dusharm, Matthew Haberkon, Madeline Haines, Aaron Hardy, Michelle Harper, Taytlin Harrigfeld, Callie Hartel, Andrew Hill, Kaden Hoffart, Madeline Johnson, Jordan Keck, Tanner Kennedy, Abriel Khan, Lucas Klein, Kaitrin Letherbarrow, Gretchen Lewis, Yu-Chien Lin, Emma Lundgreen, Breanna Martin, Jerolyn Martin,  Emily Martinez Tapia, Sarah McCormick, Emma Miller, Joshua Myers, Neil Neuhaus, Arianna Parra, Taylor Rodgers, Jordan Schachterle, Richard Schiraldi, Angelica Schmidt, Celsey Selland, Markli Sommers, Indigo Spirit, Zoey Stockwell, Clara Sullivan, Victoria Thompson, Emily Trojahn, Kyle Turner-Hutchinsor, Delaney Wells, Kelsey Witting, Callan Zink.

Principal Ms. Rhonda Richer leads the kids in their "one wave" to family to start off the show.

The second-graders get their one "wave" to family

The first number was "Everybody has Music Inside"

Sometimes its hard to pay attention

Fifty-four second-graders all in a row

Fifty-four voices singing 'Candle on the Water'

A talented percussion group

The right side

The middle

and the left

The children sang "Its a Small World" in English and then Japanese and Spanish with the help of some cue cards Mr. Herdinsik is holding.

Students dance to the Doubleska Polka

Kids love the percussion instruments

The featured quartet singing Puff, The Magic Dragon: Kaitrin Letherbarrow, Markli Sommers, Lily Degan and Emma Miller.

Just a few of the many pieces of art work adorning the walls and bulletin boards.