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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This year’s caucuses are coming up quickly!

Dear Editor:

This year’s caucuses are coming up quickly!   I plan on attending mine this year to show my strong support for Andrew Romanoff for U.S. Senate.   After following Andrew’s time as Colorado State House Speaker and hearing him speak to a variety of groups, I feel that he is our best choice for U.S. Senate.  Here are just two reasons why.

Andrew has pledged to stand up for our interests – not for special interests – and I believe him. The Coloradoan newspaper said of Andrew, “He is one of few leaders … willing to place himself at political risk to enact change.”

Andrew also has the best chance to win the November general election.

A recent poll shows Andrew doing significantly better than his primary opponent, Michael Bennet, in a matchup against the Republican front-runner.  In addition, Bennet has accepted considerable money from interests outside of Colorado, and he ranks #6 in contributions from Wall Street interests.  This makes him vulnerable on an issue extremely important to voters this election – the running of Washington by special interests. Andrew, on the other hand, has said no to PAC and other special interest money.

To learn more about Andrew, go to his website at www.andrewromanoff.com.

Linda Stanley

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