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To the Editor

My husband and I were constituents of Andrew Romanoff for the last five years we lived in Denver when he was a member of the Colorado House of Representatives. We met and spoke with him on the front porch of our Washington Park home where we had lived since 1970. Not a fancy home, ours, but one that had been built in 1912 and we hadn’t even begun to dream of remodeling. Andrew, nonetheless, asked if we would put a sign for his candidacy in our front yard.

What impressed me about Andrew was his enthusiasm, his integrity and his desire to make a difference in a system that in 2001 was already showing signs of implosion. Andrew’s ideas were appealing to us on a local level and had to do with the conditions of our neighborhood as well as state issues that needed to be addressed.

We planted a Romanoff sign on our lawn that year and as a member of a government relations team in Denver, I watched as the Romanoff campaign promises started to emerge.

Now we have the chance to see Andrew Romanoff make changes on a national level. He has come up through the ranks politically, ending as Speaker of the House of Representatives in Colorado. He has more to give and more to contribute. Please send him to Washington. He will represent you well.

Judy Lehn
Berthoud, Colorado