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Tough Talk For America






A Recipe for American Decline That No One Will Be Debating   [2]

Posted by Mattea Kramer

  Five big things will decide what this country looks like next year and in the 20 years to follow, but here’s a guarantee for you: you’re not going to hear about them in the upcoming presidential debates.

1. Immediate deficit reduction will wipe out any hope of economic recovery:

2.  Taxes are at their lowest point [3] in more than half a century, preventing investment in and the maintenance of America’s most basic resources:

3.  Neither the status quo nor a voucher system will protect Medicare (or any other kind of health care) in the long run:

4.  The U.S. military is outrageously expensive and yet poorly tailored to the actual threats to U.S. national security:

5.  The U.S. education system is what made this country prosperous in the twentieth century — but no longer: