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Monday, December 22, 2014

Town Briefs: Habitat Granted Partial Fee Waiver

The Board of Trustees granted a partial waiver of development fees at their April 28 meeting for a new home Berthoud Habitat for Humanity is planning to build.

Because of concerns about the Town’s diminishing general fund balance, the board is requiring the organization to pay approximately $12,000 in water and wastewater tap fees. However, the remaining fees, which comprise about two-thirds of the total, will be waived for the organization.

While expressing his support for Habitat, Trustee Michael Patrick said, “Right now is the worst time you could be asking for these concessions.”

The organization asked for $25,000 in permit-fee waivers, an amount that reflects a substantial reduction of standard costs because of the Town’s present incentives ordinance.

Town to Review Financial Status
Trustee Michael Patrick has asked for a review of the Town’s present financial status. During the meeting, he pointed out that the general fund balance has dropped to $222,000, an amount on which the Town could operate for one month. If no other revenues are generated from building permits, the general fund balance could decrease even more by the end of the year, Patrick said.

During the discussion of the Town budget, Trustee John Bauer also asked Town Administrator Jim White about the status of a grant for federal stimulus funds, which would be applied to economic development. White said that it is in the process of being completed. The trustees offered their help with the grant in order to make the application deadline.

Berthoud Police Chief Glenn Johnson also said he is applying for a $316,000 grant to hire extra personnel needed in his department. The economic recovery grant would not require the Town to keep employees on the payroll when the grant ends, he said.

Roundabout Contract Approved
The Town board has approved a roundabout enhancement contract with the Colorado Department of Transportation. The agreement is providing $134,000 to pay the cost of improvements as part of the project at the intersection of Hwy. 56 and First Street.

Public Works Director Tony Huerta said that the design for the enhancements, which include lighting and landscaping, are in the process of being completed.

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