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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Transportation In Weld County


WELD COUNTY, Colo. – This month, the Weld County 150th Anniversary web site takes a look at the history of transportation in Weld County. From the surveyors who crossed the county on foot, measuring the West 66 feet at a time, to the railroads that linked Weld County to the rest of the state and the country, our county’s transportation history is interesting and unique.

Leon Sievers, a professional land surveyor for the county, explains how the West, including Weld County, was mapped out and reminds us of the dangers those surveyors faced. “It’s important to remember what it would be like to be an original surveyor in this area,” writes Sievers. “The surveys of Weld County took place in the 1860’s. The Civil War was raging, Wyatt Erp was only twelve years old. The Native Americans and the Settlers were hostile to each other. The Sand Creek Massacre happened in this time period. The wild, wild west was not yet in full swing but gun slingers were present. Railroads were beginning to appear. Gold was discovered in the area called Auraria and in the mountains and once the land was surveyed, settlers came to homestead and populate Weld County.”

Greeley resident Tym Lynch shares information about the railroads in Weld County, and how the tracks connected Weld County not only to the rest of the state but also the rest of the country. A reprint of Jack Gillette’s Weld County Past Times Article recounts his childhood memories of trains in the county.

And if you ever wondered about the history of Right Of Way in Weld County, the Weld County Public Works Department explains how Right of Way was decided and how it determined our road structure.

In the Your Stories section, we highlight two web sites that showcase different eras in our county’s history. One site preserves the history of Fort St. Vrain, while the other site promotes a south county museum that holds national treasures relating to our country’s aero history.

Don’t forget – we need your help to tell the history of Weld County. Your stories and photographs can be submitted through the anniversary site at

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