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Trickle down doesn’t work


Republicans Try to Suppress Facts [1]

By William Boardman

Congressional research service meets republican memory hole

Late on a Friday in September, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) [2], a respected agency within the Library [3] of Congress, released a report [4] concluding, in effect, that there is no objective support for core Republican economic policies.  Reducing the top tax rates, the report concludes, has no correlation with the nation’s economic growth, but does contribute to the growing gap between the wealthy and the rest of Americans.

Some [5] media [6] reports [7] followed [8], and then two weeks later the CRS report quietly went away from the CRS website without having had much impact, even though it was a non-partisan debunking of Mitt Romney’s core economic argument.  More than a month later, the New York Times published a story asking, in effect, “Now what was that all about?”  One answer to the mystery turned out to be that Republican pressure on the CRS over the style and content [9] of the report [10] had effectively sent it down the collective memory hole.

Now the Congressional Budget Office [11] has reached essentially the same conclusions [12], in a report [13] issued November 8.  So far, this report is still standing, but Republican intensity [14] in defense [15] of tax cuts for the wealthy is growing as their December 31 expiration date approaches.

 Political Pressure Produces Political Silence