October 2015
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Turner Lady Dragons face Estes Park Bobcats

Lia Musslewite drives in 2nd

8th Grade Varsity winning 33-18

The 8th Grade Junior Varsity winning 27 to 14

7th Grade Varsity won winning 22 to 8

The 7th Grade Junior Varsity losing 9 to 24.

The 8th Grade varsity game started off with the two teams playing evenly . The Lady Dragons scored first but the Cats came back and took the lead with two goals. Lia Musslewhite evened the score and it was a tie ballgame 6-6 when the first quarter ended.

Turner took a 10 to 6 lead halfway through the second period before Estes scored with 1:24 left in the half, but that was the Cats only basket in the period and the Dragons chalked up 3 more points before the half to lead 13-8 going into the locker room.

Lynda Hutchins made the first goal of the second half and Ashley Lozinski stole the ball in the Estes court and made an unassisted goal giving Turner a 17-8 lead before Estes hit another basket. That was to be the Cats only basket while Turner added 10 more point to lead 27 to 10 at the end of period 3.

The Estes girls outscored Turner by one basket in the fourth quarter, but it was not nearly enough as Turner wins 33 – 18. A major factor in the victory was Turner’s lead in rebounds.

The Turner 8th grade varsity has won every game by a wide margin.

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