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Volunteer of the month: Carissa Finnegan

Carissa Finnegan, volunteer of the month

Carissa Finnegan is a freshman at Berthoud High School. One of her Facebook friends is family friend who is serving as a nurse in Kigali, Rwanda. Carissa was amazed at some of the photos her friend posted. The children in her photos did not have many toys or books and hardly had clothes to wear. Carissa wanted to do something to help those children.

The village

She set up an event on Facebook and asked for donations to purchase items to send to the kids in Kigali. Unfortunately, the response was underwhelming; she got some promises, but only one donation. Undaunted, Carissa took on the project by herself. She made over 200 beaded bracelets and then used all of her saved allowance money to buy toys, books, shoes and bathroom supplies. She also sent some candy, she had been told that these children had never eaten candy. In all, she sent over $200 worth of supplies to Rwanda.

a full box of gifts

It is still too early to get a response from so far away, but Carissa said, “I feel good about doing this.” She would like to do this again if she could get more support and a better response for donations. If anyone is interested in helping with such a project, leave a comment, your email address will be forwarded to Carissa.

Closer to home, Carissa recently volunteered at the Berthoud Elementary School Fall Festival. It is always a pleasure recognizing those who try to make a difference, especially when they start showing community responsibility so young.

The Recorder is pleased to recognize Carissa Finnegan as the October Volunteer of the month.


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