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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vote NO on Prop 102


Dear Coloradan,

We’ve written about the Bad 3 (60, 61, & 101), and the draconian birth control and abortion ban (62), and the insurance cartel’s initiative to nullify the health care reform law (63), but there’s another sinister amendment on the ballot being pushed by out-of-state interests that you need to know about. Just under the wire, representatives of a national bail bonds group in Virginia filed signatures for Proposition 102, what we’re calling the Bail Bondsmen Bailout of 2010.

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Prop. 102 is nothing but a bailout for bondsmen so they can increase their profits on the backs of the poor.

Prop 102 would gut successful pretrial services programs that most of Colorado’s largest counties use to reform and monitor defendants who are charged with nonviolent crimes before they go to trial. It would force those who would otherwise have qualified for a pretrial services program to post a secured bond (meaning they would have to go to a bail bondsman for a loan). Those who could not obtain a secured bond would remain in jail. The nonpartisan Blue Book says it would cost cities and counties $2.8 million per year just to house the extra jail population that Proposition 102 would incarcerate.

According to a report by NPR, tens of thousands of Americans languish in jail for months and years because they can’t afford bail—in amounts as low as $50—for crimes as petty as bouncing rent checks. Bondsmen have systematically worked to de-fund pretrial services, diversion programs, and other successful programs that they believe might harm their bottom lines by lavishing campaign cash on local elected officials. And now they are taking aim at Colorado by pushing Prop 102 with lies about public safety.

Who supports 102? Bail bondsmen. They have not identified any other endorsers. No newspapers, no public officials, no organizations.

Who opposes 102? Civil libertarians, police, defense attorneys, prosecutors, Democrats, Republicans, the Denver Post and every other major newspaper in the state.

Find out more about Proposition 102 and its opponents by visiting You can get up-to-the-minute information by visiting their page on Facebook.

Please vote NO on 102 and on ALL the numbers on the statewide ballot—vote NO on 60, 61, 62, 63, 101, and 102.

Thanks for all you do.

Best regards,
Mike Ditto

Progress Now Colorado

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