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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Where does Udall get his money?

Letter to the editor 2

“So, the Koch brothers are spending millions for Cory Gardner….”  So says a pro-Udall campaign ad.  But look where Udall is getting his money: ActBlue and billionaire Tom Steyer.

Remember back on February 19 when Udall, along with Harry Reid, Al Gore and five other Democrat senators went to Steyer’s home in San Francisco to get $400,000 that night and a promise of $100 million more to come?  All he asked was that they block the Keystone pipeline; and they did.

According to Center for Responsive Politics, ActBlue was ranked #1 of organizations making campaign contributions in 2014, giving a total of $30.2 million to Democrats and liberal causes.  Fahr LLC/Tom Steyer was ranked #2 at $20.3 million, and Tom Steyer, personally, was ranked the #1 individual contributor at $20.4 million (Michael Bloomberg comes in at a distant second with a mere $8.7 million)

In contrast Koch Industries was ranked 36th at $2.7 million, less than 4% of the amounts given by Steyer and ActBlue.  And, if $2 million is the total given by the Koch brothers, where is Udall getting his numbers?

Sounds like the pot is calling the kettle black.  Is this your best shot Mr. Udall?

Joe Dion
Masonville, CO

Editor’s response

Act Blue is an organization that solicits and consolidates contributions by small donors. It represents a grass roots group of middle income Americans, not wealthy individuals or corporations as Mr. Dion implies.

It is certainly not unusual for political donors to contribute to the campaigns of those who reflect their views. Mr. Dion tries to imply that Udall voted against Keystone because of the contribution, something that he has no knowledge of and which is most likely not true. Senator Udall has long been an opponent of the pipeline. The right-wing is attempting to demonize Steyer as it does all contributors to liberal causes. Mr. Steyer has become an environmentalist, nothing too unusual there. Here is a link to learn more about this “fight.”  – The Billionaire War Heats Up

Mr. Dione makes it sound nefarious that a few democrats when to Stayer’s home to ask for money when actually it was the site of a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser, a rather normal type of political event by both parties. Several potential donors were also in attendance as well as leading Democrats as is common. To imply that the above mentioned event tainted the money is a perversion of the facts as promoted by some right-wing blogs and “news sites” and further promulgated by Mr. Dion.

Mr. Dion has conveniently ignored the money the Koch brothers funnel to their network of organizations from their own funds, focusing on Koch Industries only. In truth, the total Koch Empire marshaled $400 million in the 2012 election cycle, over 10 times what Mr. Dion states, mostly through shadow organizations that do not disclose their donors as noted on the Center for Responsive Politics site from which Mr. Dione got his information. It apparently also does not include money spent on local elections and primaries. We know that Sheldon Adelson donated $100 million in 2012, but he doesn’t even show up on the centers list . See the following article from Moyers & Company. Follow the links.

Nothing Really Compares to the Koch Brothers

The bottom line – Republicans get a lot more money spent in their favor than do Democrats.

Want to know what the Koch brothers want for their money:


Senator Bernie Sanders Exposes the Terrifying Truth Behind  What the Koch Brothers Want for Our Country

If these goals of the Koch’s are the same as your goals, then vote for the conservative candidate.


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