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Monday, November 30, 2015

World Book Night



Berthoud Community Library To Serve As Pick-Up Site For World Book Night 2014 Volunteers


BERTHOUD—World Book Night (WBN) 2014 promises to put more than a million books in the hands of adult “light to non-readers” in the US and Europe on the eve of April 23rd, according to the event’s website. Founded in 2011 in the UK and Ireland, and fueled by thousands of volunteers across the globe, World Book Night distributes titles selected by an independent panel of librarians and booksellers. Authors agree to waive their royalties and costs of production are absorbed by the publishers in an effort to spread “the love of reading person to person.”

25,000 volunteers in the US will pick up their copies at designated host sites, which include the Berthoud Community Library, and each volunteer is then responsible for distributing 20 copies of a single title.

The event’s US Executive Director, Carl Lennertz, enthused in a group email to BCLD Director Sara Wright, that this year, host library branches topped 1,000 sites. Book selections for 2014 include the memoir, “Wild,” by Cheryl Strayed, and the novel “Presumed Innocent,” by Scott Turow among 30-odd more.

Books are earmarked for recipients with little to no access to print resources due to economic or geographic limitations.

Amy Poehler, the event’s honorary chairperson, had this to say about WBN: “People who read are people who dream, and we connect through the stories we live and tell and read.”

One 2013 volunteer wrote to event organizers, “I’d like to let you know that just this night I received a packet of thank-you letters hand-written by most of the recipients of my 20 copies of The Hunger Games. These letters come from inmates at a local correctional facility, to whom I donated copies of my WBN book…. My favorite part of any letter was probably: ‘I think the idea for World Book Night is [a] beneficial concept to help people because for myself, I don’t like reading. By you giving us this book, it was the first book that I ever read. I liked the book, and now I’m reading book two Catching Fire.’ (This man stated to my friend, who works at the facility, that this was the first full-length book he had ever read to completion in his life.)” —Heather

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