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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


John Bauer accuses Don Ashcraft of verbal assault (9 pages)

February 18, 2009

As an observer at the Utility Advisory Board (UAB) meeting and as an observer to John Bauer’s returning to the board room after the alleged incident, Mr. Bauer’s narrative is very slanted and does not convey the degree to which he seemed to purposely agitate Mr. Ashcraft during the session. It was quite apparent that his conduct went far beyond what was required to convey the message he says he desired to get across. Additionally, his entry into the boardroom after the confrontation was very theatrical and appeared to be designed to incite a reaction from those still in attendance or to create copy for the media present. Bauer’s actions throughout that evening made it appear that he was attempting to create a situation that he could exploit to keep Mr. Ashcraft from being a member of the UAB.

This was likely done in retaliation for some action that Ashcraft took as a trustee.

Note that Town Attorney Bruce Fickel contradicts Bauer’s claim that Ashcraft blocked his vehicle and says Bauer could have driven off at any time. ¬†Bauer also claims that his wife was on the telephone and heard all the conversation. This is not verifiable. In most of the cases in this list, John and Lisa Bauer are the only witnesses other than the accused. In this case, where there was another witness he contradicts Bauer’s version of the events. There is no indication that Bauer was so fearful that he asked for an extra patrol at his home.

Bauer has his own “Voluntary Statement” form template which he uses here and in the Main Street case. It is a modified version of the Berthoud Police form with his data already filled in making it easier to compose on the computer. You may also note, if you read enough of Bauer’s statments, that he adds a great deal of unnecessary “color” to his narratives. His statements seem to be more of a “novella” that just a statement of the facts that bear on the case.


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