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100 more GunFAILS

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The beat goes on: 100 more GunFAILS, and we’re not even caught up yet. [2]

by David Waldman [3]

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TSA agents have discovered approximately 182 guns at airports around the country since we last tallied our GunFAILs in mid-August.
It’s time to catch up with the world of GunFAIL, with another economy-sized package of 100 accidents, mishaps and assorted failures. In fact, we could use two.

By the numbers, the 100 collected FAILs found between late July and mid-August included 33 people who accidentally shot themselves; 26 kids who were accidentally shot; 11 people who accidentally shot into their neighbor’s homes or neighboring hotel rooms; eight people who accidentally fired weapons they claimed to have been cleaning (which of course means they were still loaded at the time); 14 accidents that ended in fatalities; 9 FAILs by law enforcement or security personnel; 15 people who accidentally shot family members or significant others; 6 people who FAILed with their guns while out shopping, dining or otherwise engaging in everyday business in public; 3 people who shot others they mistook for intruders; 2 target shooting accidents, and; 2 people who experienced the growing trend of bathroom GunFAIL.

Stories of special note include:

#13, the Plaxico Burress of the UFC, Joe “Diesel” Riggs, who accidentally shot himself while cleaning a still-loaded pistol, and will therefore miss his scheduled September 13th comeback bout.

#34, in which Los Angeles County deputies, after an 8-hour SWAT standoff, mistook a homeowner who’d been taken hostage for the suspect who’d broken in, shooting and killing him.

#61, in which a woman using Skype to show off a new pistol and laser sight to her daughter, accidentally shot her husband.

#96, in which a Loudoun Co., VA sheriff’s deputy accidentally shot his teenage daughter, mistaking her for an intruder.

#98, in which a Colorado man riding a motorcycle was involved in a collision, and accidentally shot himself with his own concealed weapon.

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