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Monday, May 27, 2024

B. J. Nikkel accepts the Republican Party’s nomination for House District 49 Assembly

State Representative B. J. Nikkel accepted the nomination at the Republican Party’s House District 49 Assembly on Saturday, April 17, 2010.

Eighty-nine delegates and eleven alternates from within House District 49 showed up in Loveland at the Pulliam Building to vote and take part in the Larimer County Republican Party’s nomination process. They unanimously supported current State Representative B. J. Nikkel as their nominee.

Patrick Albright, Chairman for House District 49 said, “This is an impressive turnout for an uncontested seat, which shows there’s a lot of energy amongst the electorate. Also, I believe the people are very pleased with the outstanding leadership and level of effectiveness that Representative Nikkel has given to House District 49 and the state of Colorado. ”

Nikkel was appointed to the seat in a vacancy committee meeting in January of 2009 and was sworn into the Colorado House of Representatives on Jan. 13, 2009.

Rep. Nikkel commented, “It’s been a real privilege to serve the people of Larimer and Weld Counties in the House of Representatives and I’m very honored that they are excited about the upcoming election and showed up to support my candidacy. ”

She also said, “While in control the past few years, the Democrat majority party in power in Colorado in the House, Senate and Governor’s office, have implemented the Car Tax and raised other unconstitutional taxes. They have also repealed important tax exemptions for businesses and senior citizens, and created extremely harmful regulations and mandates on Colorado businesses that have driven many jobs out of state. ” “As a fiscal conservative, I have witnessed the damage my opponent’s party has done. I believe the people in my district and around the state know me as an effective leader and have seen what I have accomplished in my two short years at the Capitol. I think they will clearly see there is a distinct choice in this race between my Democrat opponent and myself. “

Nikkel, who is known around the state as “Miss Transparency, ” because of the battle she fought to win passage of the Colorado Taxpayer Transparency Act in 2009, also recently gained passage of her Colorado National Guard Readiness Center’s bill. It was signed in a ceremony with Governor Ritter and Colorado National Guard’s Adjutant General, Major General Mike Edwards on Friday, April 16, 2010 and will create nearly 400 jobs for the state with 120 of them

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