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Congress fears the NRA












Update: Confirmed, Congress is Owned By The NRA [2]

by Paul Canning

[3]Last week, I reported on how a poll had found [4] that the vast majority of Americans supported some restrictions on gun ownership.

I also reported on how the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence would be lobbying Congress — here’s what they asked Congress members to support:

I believe that these people should not be able to buy, own or carry a gun anywhere in our nation:

    • Convicted felons
    • Convicted domestic abusers
    • Terrorists
    • People found to be dangerously mentally ill.

Colin Goddard, who survived being shot four times in the 2007 killings at Virginia Tech [5] and now works for the Brady Campaign, told MSNBC that every Congressperson they spoke to told them they supported the pledge — but none, not one, no Democrat, no Republican, would actually sign it. … Read more [2]: