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Cory Gardner frolics with lobbyists



Tea Party Freshmen Frolic With Lobbyists At $10,000 A Head Fundraiser [2]

Tea Party insurgents swept the Republicans into power in 2010, riding a wave of frustration with the status quo to a majority in the House of Representatives. But after less than two years, many seem to have become quite comfortable [3] with the ways of Washington, or, in this case, Key Largo:

Rep Cory Gardner

That’s where we caught up with a select group of Republican freshmen, engaged in business as usual. But they didn’t come alone. They invited big campaign donors and lobbyists to join them – for a price. And we secretly sent our cameras along for a unique inside look at their first joint fundraiser, where special interests got the kind of access ordinary Americans can only dream of: on the golf course; over drinks at the resort bar; at a private beach lagoon.

“Book your Key Largo getaway now,” reads the invitation, obtained by CBS News. The hosts are veteran congressmen Spencer Bachus, of Alabama, Pete Sessions, of Texas, “and 12 of your favorite Republican freshmen!” … Read More [2]