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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Guest Editorial: What’s a dog gotta do to get a drink?

By Martin Van Buren
Guest columnist

As a former shelter dog and otherwise content Berthoud resident, I felt I had to take time out of rolling in the barnyard and eating kitty litter to ask one simple question — why does Berthoud water taste so bad?

I hear my mistress talking about algae this year. The smell and taste are off-putting, especially the chemicals that turn my favorite water dish yellow, brown or for some reason, bright pink. It’s getting so bad, I don’t even bother lifting the lid anymore, even for a quick slurp.

I don’t get it. Before the algae, there was some problem at the plant, and other dogs I talk to quietly (don’t want to disturb the neighbors), say there’s always something going on. The restaurants don’t serve ice water and the tea tastes funny, and that can’t be good for them either.

The bottled stuff … well that’s kind of nice to tell you the truth. I get to play with the container after it’s empty. But, it’s sad to see my mistress have to buy water in addition to paying the regular water bill. I sometimes have to give up afternoon naps to do funny tricks and make her smile again.

Don’t people care? Where are the masters of the water, and why don’t they do something?

I love my new home, and I want my family to be happy and have money to buy me treats. What’s a dog’s life if the water is no good?

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