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Investment Opportunity in Berthoud

For Sale, 40% ownership in Berthoud Weekly Surveyor Holdings, LLC, asking price of $6,000. The Berthoud Weekly Surveyor Holdings, LLC is the owner of the property at 436 – 440 Mountain Avenue, Berthoud Colorado. The two units of the condominium are the offices of the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor Newspaper.

The property was purchased in 2007 for $264,000, current Larimer County Assessor value is $215,000. Current value of 40% share is approximately $9,000. The two units together are approximately 1200 square feet.

The majority owner of BWS Holdings is Becky Hemmann who is also owner of the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor.

The rent paid by the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor is insufficient to cover the mortgage payment and taxes. There is additional space to let.

The current taxes due and accrued taxes for the 40% share is approximately $3600. Terms are: $2,400 to seller, $2,348.82 to BWS Holding for 2010 taxes and assume liability for 2011 taxes, currently estimated at $1,175 through June 1.

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