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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Lundberg Legislative Report—May 4, 2010


1. My Resolutions’ Committee Hearings

2. Senate Continues to Grow Government

3. National Day of Prayer

4. Arizona Illegal Immigration Law

5. Medical Marijuana Measures

1. I recently introduced three resolutions, two of which were killed by a party-line vote in Senate State Affairs yesterday. SCR-6 could have limited the inflation guarantee of per-pupil funding to 5%. SCR-7 would have repealed the internet software sales tax and out of state sales and use taxes, if approved by a vote of the people.

SJR-45 calls on Congress to obey the Tenth Amendment, and not force Colorado citizens to buy federally mandated medical insurance policies. The resolution carefully lays out the arguments, quoting The Federalists Papers, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and the Supreme Court. This Tenth Amendment resolution is scheduled to be heard in State Affairs tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon (May 5), sometime after 1:30 PM (there re several bills to be heard before my measure). A copy of the Resolution can be found at: http://www.leg.state.co.us/clics/clics2010a/csl.nsf/fsbillcont/54D02B689975C1C9872576EF0070E17A? Open&file=SJR045_01.pdf . This will probably be the only opportunity for citizens to give their perspective in a public hearing on this measure. I invite all who are interested to come and express their thoughts and concerns.

2. Higher costs for businesses and housing, less respect for the intrinsic and God-given value of life, more regulation and control of businesses, medical systems, and children from birth to age eight were included in the bills the Colorado Senate moved forward last week. There is too much here to discuss in the limited format of this report. For more details go to my Freedom Watch website page.

3. This Thursday, May 6, is National Day of Prayer. I trust you will participate in one or more of the events being held around the state and around the country. I will be, legislative schedule allowing, a part of the events on the East Capitol Steps at noon and at Group Publishing in Loveland in the evening.

4. The big issue across the country right now is the new immigration law in Arizona. I have reviewed the law and found that it is similar to many bills that have been introduced in Colorado, but killed by the Democrat majority. I support the Arizona law and, if we can change the composition of the Colorado legislature, I will work to get this put into Colorado law as well. In addition, I add this clarification to the discussion: despite claims to the contrary by many opponents of the new Arizona law, the law specifically prohibits racial profiling. Only after police have stopped, or detained somebody for other reasons can they look into their legal status. Racial profiling is not only prohibited, law enforcement can also be penalized for any racial profiling.

5. Medical marijuana was in the Senate last week with two separate bills, both of which I heard in committee. The first, HB-1284, regulates dispensaries. This is an issue that is driven by a constitutional requirement, the practical need for some people for whom this is truly their best medical option, and a widespread concern over the explosion of dispensaries across the state. I supported HB-1284 in committee, but with the provision that the registration fees not be increased. I understand that the fees were greatly increased in the Appropriations committee. If that is the case I cannot support the bill on the floor. The other measure was in Judiciary yesterday. It was SCR-005, putting the question of allowing the dispensaries to a vote of the people. I supported that measure, but it was killed on a party-line vote.

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