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MELTDOWN: The financial collapse of the world



MELTDOWN: An Investigation Into a World of Greed and Recklessness that Led to Financial Collapse (Full Movie)

The series of four videos originally appeared on Al Jazeera English but is no longer accessible on their website.

The Videos are electrifying and can be accessed at the links below. Each segment is 45 minutes in length.

The first and second parts of the Al Jazeera investigative report (in documentary format) reveals the causes, inside players, and the machinations leading up to and following the financial crisis that rocked the world in 2008.

If they have no qualms about crashing the world economy and impoverishing tens of millions around the globe, what else are they capable of?

Part 1: The Men Who Crashed the World  [2]

Part 2: A Global Financial Tsunami [3]

Part 3: Paying the Price [4]

Part 4: After the Fall [5]