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Obituary: Richard Vives

Richard Vives born Feb 19, 1979, died July 22, 2010 in Berthoud, Colorado. Richard was a graduate of Parkland High School, El Paso, Texas, class of 2000.
He was born in Puerto Rico and raised in El Paso. He was a wonderful person, loving and loyal! He was a great friend, always happy and had the biggest smile! He will be missed dearly!!
He is survived by his children: sons, Richard, Angel and Andy Vives; daughters, Haley and Tatyana Vives; his parents, Gladys Schuetta and Dionisio Vives; brother, Harold Vives, sister, Shirley Vives; and his wife, Jessica Lynn Hunt.
Information and photos provided by
Jennifer Lopez
Freight Rate Specialist, U.S. Army
“Home of the Free because of the Brave.”

Richard Vives and his dog. Provided by Jennifer Lopez

Richard Vives at his Tatoo Studio. Photo provided by Jennifer Lopez.