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Friday, June 21, 2024

Roberts stars in ‘Haunting of Winchester House’

Berthoud to Burbank shuffle worthwhile for high school freshman

By Gerri Roberts
Berthoud Recorder

Recently on DVD at Blockbuster’s, an indie ghost story — “Haunting of Winchester House” — was released, starring Berthoud resident Patty Roberts.

It is a Halloween story about a young family that moves into the Winchester Mansion as caretakers, and their trial and tribulations while meeting all the spiritual inhabitants in the house.  The young mother, Susan Grenier (Lira Kellerman) and the father, Drake (Michael Holmes) have a daughter Haley (Patty Roberts, aka Patricia Crans Roberts). After arriving at the house Haley befriends a young girl’s ghost, and as a result, gets the attention of none other than the matron of the house, Sarah Winchester’s ghost (Kim Jindra). The family meets everything that is sent their way, particularly after Sarah Winchester’s ghost abducts Haley. In an effort to find Haley they seek the help of everyone that they can find, the local police, a neighbor and even several ghosts in the house.

Patty had so much fun shooting “Haunting of Winchester House.” She absolutely loves being on set, and lives for the times when she is booked for a project. In particular, she liked this movie because she got to color her hair to better match with her film parents.

Commuting to Hollywood
Patty has been back and forth between Berthoud and Burbank for some time. She was a student at Berthoud Elementary School and Turner Middle School, before she went full time to California.

This transition was easier last year when she was home schooled, but now Patty and her best friend Andrea Smith are freshmen at John Burroughs High School in Burbank. Her second home is with Andrea and parents Rita and Earl Smith.

It was not until about one month before school started that it was clear Patty would stay in California for another six months. But when she returns to Colorado, she will be attending the LISA (Loveland-area Integrated School of the Arts) program at Mountain View High School.

In case you did not realize it yet, Patty is my twin sister, and I miss her very much! Personally I am not a ghost film fan — but I like this story that the director Mark Atkins wrote. Check out the movie, and let me know how you liked it.

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<p>Patty Roberts, far left, and co-star Lisa Kellerman shoot an outdoor scene for the end of &ldquo;Haunting of Winchester House&rdquo; as the family is trying to leave the ghostly house.</p>

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“Haunting of Winchester House” stars Berthoud resident Patty Roberts.
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