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Senator Kevin Lundberg

Senator Kevin Lundberg has done an outstanding job representing “we the people” in Colorado’s legislature.   He believes that government should never become so big and powerful that it overwhelms our liberties with mandates, taxes, fees and endless bureaucracies.  He fought against the recently enacted car tax, the constitution-defying property tax increase, the elimination of the senior homestead property tax exemption, to name a few.  He has fought to rein in undisciplined spending in Colorado, and he believes that government must live within its means.

Senator Lundberg is a strong supporter of Colorado businesses.  He has supported and run legislation to phase out the personal business property tax.  He believes that for a healthy economy and good jobs within Colorado, the government should get out of the way and allow businesses to grow.

Senator Lundberg has a proven record as a strong advocate for lower taxes and fees.  He has been named “Taxpayer Champion and Guardian” and “Guardian of Small Business”.  We need Senator Lundberg to continue to uphold our liberties through his strong values and solid principles for good government.  His experience and trusted leadership is exactly what we need in Colorado.  I urge you to vote for Kevin Lundberg as our State Senator, District 15.


Robert C. Bunderson
Berthoud, Colorado