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Stories from Libya, Tuesday March 1

The Washington Post

In Libya, an unlikely hero of a youth-led revolution [1]

by Leila Fadel
Washington Post Foreign Service

BENGHAZI, LIBYA – Mehdi Mohammed Zeyo was the most unlikely of revolutionary heroes. The bespectacled 49-year-old worked in the supplies department of a state-owned oil company. He was a diabetic with two teenage daughters.


The Guardian, UK

Libya is united in popular revolution – please don’t intervene [2]

by Muhammad min Libya

“Kiss my mum goodbye for me, and tell her that her son died a hero,” said my friend Ahmed, 26, to the first person who rushed to his side after he was shot in a Tripoli street.


Al Jazeera

The day the Katiba fell [3]

by Evan Hill

Libya’s turning point may have come when protesters overwhelmed a barracks in Benghazi.


United Shades of Britain

Messages from unknown blogger inside Lybia (Some strong language, parental discretion advised) [4]

still quiet..heard some reporters about some protets in tripoli tho.. too late (for no fly zone).. he had time to get much more weapons and soldiers (mercenaries) in . but still would help so he can’t use airfighters if ppl decided to walk to tripoli.



CNN: Opiniton

A new Arab world is coming, with or without U.S. [5]

by Nadia Oweidat and Cynthia P. Schneider

(CNN) — The young Arab women and men of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen have proved that they are willing to die to build a better future. They yearn for freedom, opportunity and democracy. It is doubtful they will accept anything less.


reddit [6]

This link contains what appears to be a conversation with a young African man telling why he is willing to kill for Gaddafi.

African Mercenaries in Libya [7]

I know what I am doing is wrong, but if it’s for the future of my children, I will be willing to sell my soul.