Wildfire Summer 2010 Mural Internship Application

Wildfire Mural Implementation Project
Artist in Residence: Anita Yeh
Unveiling of Mural Saturday, August 28, 2010



This is your opportunity to develop skills in translation of small designs to a large grid, mechanics of transfer to wall, and painting techniques appropriate for outdoor public art displays.  This project will be done under the direction of Anita Yeh, a professional artist from Berthoud who will design the image and teach the interns how to transfer an original image from the paper design sheet to a large outdoor wall.  Crew members are responsible for commitment and pro-active participation in installation, painting and completion of mural project. 


Project Tasks

June - Wall preparation, Mural design and approval (Lead Muralist)

INTERNS: Time: Start 9:30 am – End no later than 4:00 pm

     July 9th & 11th  - Getting the grid on the wall (Crew & Lead)

     July 12th - 15th -  Outlining/Sketching the image in place (Crew & Lead)

     July 26th - 29th -  Mural painting (Crew & Lead)

August 28th - Mural unveiling and dedication (Community)




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What about this project interests you?





Fee for internship is $75. Payment must accompany registration and will be returned if student is not selected for participation.  Applications due by July 1, 2010.

Pay with check or credit card via mail to P.O. Box K, Berthoud, 80513; or drop by Wildfire Wednesdays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Credit Card Number:________________________  Exp.____________________


Questions: E-mail wildfireartco@hotmail.com; Phone 970-532-5497 or  Anita at  720-841-2770

Internship at:   425 Massachusetts St. Berthoud, CO  80513