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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

4-H'ers at Their Best

By Gerri Roberts
Berthoud Recorder

Where can you see economical and unique clothes? Now, at the Larimer County Fair! The economical and uniqueness part is why Katie Kouns does sewing projects in 4-H. Fifteen-year-old Katie Kouns made a dress, a skirt and a little dressy jacket for her 4-H projects, and these are currently exhibited at the Larimer County Fair. Who wouldn’t want to make their own clothes that show their individuality, and follow the latest fashion?

This is Katie’s fifth year in 4-H, and she is the president of the Berthoud Highlander 4-H Club. Katie really likes the group, “The Club is really well-rounded; there are livestock projects, but also many other projects. We all think it is very important to support each other. We are all just a bunch of friends.”

Another member of the Berthoud Highlander 4-H club is Hollie Isakson, and both of these 4-H’ers completed eight projects this year, none of which are livestock projects.

Hollie has been in 4-H since she was a 5-year-old Cloverbud. When you are a Cloverbud you get to submit any project you want, and you receive a Cloverbud ribbon. These blue and red ribbons are very special because only Cloverbuds can earn them. As an 8-year-old you become a junior 4-H member and have to complete a project with a record book. Cloverbud projects entered this year included skirts, decorated cakes and posters.

This year, Katie entered three sewing projects, two home environment projects, a leadership project, a child development project and a money fundamentals project. Four of these projects will represent Larimer County at State in September. Katie also will be going to State modeling one of her sewing projects. This year Hollie did several creative arts projects including a flower arrangement. She also did creative clothing, money fundamentals, child development, home environment, cooking and a self-determined project about homemade ice cream. She will also be representing Larimer County at State this year.

As Katie put it “It is a lot more about the experience than the ribbons.” 4-H is all about learning and trying your best.

Both Katie and Hollie are attending Berthoud High School this fall, Katie as a junior and Hollie as a freshman. 4-H has taught them life skills, which will help them in and out of the classroom. I think that 4-H is so great because you get to work with people like Katie and Hollie even if you are not in their club. As Katie said, “4-H is a great program for everyone!”

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<p><span style=”font-size: small;”><span style=”font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Fifteen-year-old Katie Kouns made a dress, a skirt and a little dressy jacket for her 4-H projects.</span></span></p>

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<p><span style=”font-size: small;”><span style=”font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Another member of the Berthoud Highlander 4-H club is Hollie Isakson</span></span></p>

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