June 2024


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Friday, June 14, 2024

Andrew Romanoff Visits Berthoud

The Wendt home in Collins Park Subdivision put out the welcome mat for Andrew Romanoff.

By Treva Heiser

Area citizens gathered at the home of Bill Wendt  to hear Andrew Romanoff, Democratic candidate for the US Senate, speak on issues related to the environment, developing alternative energy resources, the need to reform the way Washington works and increase the power of the people . . . . . . . .

Reasons given by those who attended varied. Dave Kramer from Johnstown, Ray Hupp of Loveland, and teenagers Javan Wendt and Daniel Heiser had not met Romanoff but were interested in what he had to say. Others of the 35 who attended echoed the theme that attended to “listen and learn.”

Loveland resident Jim Manuel views Romanoff as an outstanding legislator who is very articulate and has helped re-build the DemocraticParty in Colorado. Michael Jenet and Judy Wendt found it refreshing to find a politician who does not rely on corporate money to finance his campaign. Dafna Michaelson lived in House District 6 when Romanoff was Speaker of the Colorado House. She supports him because he listens to others without regard to the R or D Party label. “He consistently worked both sides of the aisle to address issues of concern to citizens — a quality much needed the the US Senate today.”

Rich Gebhardt has known Andrew Romanoff over 10 years and watched him develop as a legislator who is committed to pay attention to significant issues, has the ability to communicate ideas, and convince others to cooperate in finding solutions.

“Principled politician” was the phrase used by many who attended the evening meeting, one of over 300 “meet and greet” opportunities Romanoff has scheduled throughout Colorado during the next few weeks.

“The lesson that Washington will take from a victory like ours is that you can get elected to the U.S. Senate and serve in that mighty chamber, not just by trolling for dollars on Wall Street, but actually by listening to people on Main Street.”

“The special interests, in my view, have 
enough politicians on their payroll. 
What we need is a senator for the rest of us.”

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